Butoh dance class with Lori Ohtani
Sundays, 5-7 PM with a new session beginning August 19, 2012
Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii, Kenshikan Dojo, 2454 South Beretania St., Honolulu, Hawaii
Cost: $30.00 per month (four weeks), $10.00 per session.

Workshop INFO: Abstracting the Essence

Explore unique body vocabulary through Butoh. Butoh training utilizes imagery and words to help excavate memories and physicalize the inner landscapes within your body’s potential. From this starting point the body is free to interpret a new form of life.

Our class will begin with a moderate physical warm-up leading to what I term as neutral walk exercises to develop a strong focus. We will then modify these basic walking exercises to assist us in fine tuning our sensory and spatial awareness, i.e., the feet (sole of the foot) as a vital housing of many nerve cell points and changing our various perspectives of seeing oneself in the space within which we are moving, and how it naturally accommodates itself when different forms of limitations, words and imagery are placed on its existing structure.


Lori Ohtani is a Sansei born and raised on the island of Oahu. She was originally trained as a visual artist, receiving her BFA in painting and sculpture from the U. of H. Manoa in 1981. As an abstract artist with a background in Jazz and Modern Dance she was drawn to the strong visual imagery of Butoh dance. Lori has been practicing the art of Butoh for 23 years and is Artistic Director of Tangentz Performance Group, which she founded in 1994. As a solo artist and with Tangentz she has taught workshops and performed throughout Hawaii, the mainland US, Canada and Japan. Keeping in touch with her visual arts roots she has shown her performance art pieces and visual artwork in group exhibits throughout Hawaii since 1995, and became a member of a visual arts group named COJWIA (Coalition of Japanese Women In Art) in 2003. Butoh remains her main passion and a major source of inspiration in her life and art.

For  more information please phone: (808) 387-4861
or write to Tangentz at tangentz [at] butoh [dot] net
or at Tangentz Performance Group, P.O. Box 62101, Honolulu, HI 96839


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