Lori Ohtani is available for performances and to teach workshops and classes in butoh, both beginning and advanced, in the USA and abroad. She has taught and performed at festivals in the USA and Canada and has also performed in Japan.

Performances: Lori Ohtani has a working repertoire of solo and group pieces that she can perform solo or with Tangentz Performance Group. New works are always being developed. If you have performance requirements of between 15 minutes and several hours, a program of performances can be assembled to meet your needs. Staging varies for different works from proscenium stages to outdoor grassy areas for an audience of 50 to 1000 depending on the setting. Site specific performances are available provided some lead time is available.

Workshops & Classes: can have no more than 20 individuals, and a studio with a wooden floor is preferred. No prior dance or movement experience is required. The emphasis in classes is on the mental and emotional preparation required to move the physical body.The preferred workshop structure for a beginning class is five consecutive days, three hours per session. Other workshop schedules can be accomodated from simple one day classes up to 5 consecutive days. Classes which are extended over a longer period of time usually require some residency accomodations. This can vary from once to three times weekly over a period of from two to four weeks. Other class situations can be arranged.

For further information regarding performances, workshops or classes and rates, send your specific requirements by electronic or conventional mail to:

Tangentz Performance Group
Lori Ohtani: Artistic Director
P.O. Box 62101
Honolulu, HI 96839-2101 USA
phone/message: 808-387-4861
lori [at] butoh [dot] net

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Last updated on October 11, 2012